Hi there,

I am Pernille, and I live in the countryside in Denmark up north in Scandinavia. I am photographing the world around us as a tribute to its uniqueness, its creatures, and its beauty. I am also a mom, an author, a globetrotter, a designer and an EcoManiac on a Quest for a joyful life in balance and harmony on a planet with a happy nature and joyful wildlife. I help creatives and photographers take their photography further. I teach classes in photography and on how to use Instagram. My photography classes are about how to make beautiful photographs the simple way, I love simple. 

I have been working as a professional photographer since 1989. I had my own photo studio back then in Copenhagen where I took all kinds of photo jobs; weddings, portraits, stock, advertisement, animals, catalogues, bands a.s.o. I later specialized in travel photography and wildlife & animal photography as well as fine art photography. Then I had children, and I naturally began working a lot more with children's photography. Over the years I have experimented a lot with photography. When I started out when there were no digital cameras, and I had my own darkroom. Now I have my studio in the country side.

I love to take photographs. Photographs make great memories for people, they make art, and they provide information.

In our busy world photography is a great tool to keep one in the present, to get one out in nature, to immerse oneself - and to preserve memories. When things are going fast, there is not always enough time to absorb all that is going on, therefore photographs are nice to have as they help recall good times.

From Denmark with Love,


Online I am here:
My website: pernille.westh.dk
Instagram: @pernille.westh and @pernille.westh.travel
My Facebook page: Pernille Westh · Photographer
My closed Facebook Group Picture Perfect, where I share tips & tricks about photography