Let's Battle the Basics

Mini Class · Photography Class | taught by Pernille Westh

Course description

Do you want to learn about the basics of photography?

Do you want to learn what ISO, f-stop, and shutter speed is about?

Do you want to have a quick look into composition and editing?

Then this FREE mini class is for you!

It takes you less than 30 minutes to Battle the Basics.

Let's do this! Come and join me in this free photography class!
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Pernille Westh
Pernille Westh
Photographer, author, EcoManiac & traveller

I am a Danish internationally renowned photographer situated in the countryside photographing the world around us as a tribute to its uniqueness, its creatures, and its beauty.

I am also a mom, an author, a globetrotter, a designer and an EcoManiac on a Quest for a joyful life in balance and harmony on a planet with a happy nature and joyful wildlife.

I teach classes in photography and how to use Instagram. My photography classes are about how to take beautiful photographs the simple way, I love simple.

Online I am here:
My website: pernille.westh.dk
Instagram: @pernille.westh and @pernille.westh.travel
My Facebook page: Pernille Westh · Photographer
My closed Facebook Group Picture Perfect, where I share tips & tricks about photography